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Reliable Water Delivery in Boardman, OR

Are you seeking a reliable bottled water delivery service tailored to the unique needs of your Boardman, OR residence or business?
Look no further than Paradise Bottled Water.

Boardman's Premier Water Delivery Company

We have the expertise needed to customize a water cooler program for your Boardman residence or business. When you contact us, we’ll work closely with you to develop a program that will ensure you, your home, your employees, or your customers will always have clean, refreshing water to drink.

As a full-service water delivery company, Paradise Bottled Water can meet any water-related needs you have.

We can provide you with:

  • Drinking Water – Choose from either Vapor Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Purified Water. Our filtration processes set our product apart from other bottled water. Plastic particles have been found in 90% of samples from some of the world’s top bottled water companies. In contrast, our water filtration processes kill harmful bacteria, eliminate viruses, and remove virtually all foreign particles, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chlorine, and most volatile organic chemicals.
  • Water Bottle Sizes – Because we offer our drinking water in a wide array of container sizes, you can select the size and style that works for you. Choose from 5-gallon and 3-gallon jugs, or 16.9 oz and 10 oz single-serve bottles.
  • Water Coolers – You can either rent or purchase our water coolers, which will conveniently put chilled and hot water at your fingertips. We also provide water hand pumps that require less space.
  • We can also provide Boardman-area clients with custom labeled single-serve bottles, mini coolers, bottle stackers, disposable cups, dispensers, and specialty water services for medical use or manufacturing.
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Schedule your first water delivery either by calling us at 509-783-0253, or by placing your order directly through our website. We look forward to discussing how we can serve you. We guarantee you can’t find a higher quality water for a better price. We’ve been providing Boardman-area clients with the purest water since 1984.

Contact us today to find the right solution for your home or workplace in the Boardman, OR area.