Empowering Individuals, Enriching Our Community

Hydrating and Supporting our Community

Located in Kennewick, WA

Columbia Ability Alliance is a Beacon of Hope to Thousands of Individuals in the Tri-Cities, WA

Since 2019, Paradise Bottled Water has been proudly owned and operated by parent company Columbia Ability Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with unique abilities and life barriers, to foster their independence and help them achieve personal success. As a 501(c)(3) social enterprise, Columbia Ability Alliance operates a handful of for-profit subsidiaries, including Paradise Bottled Water, CI Information Management, and Round Table Pizza, whose revenue helps support life-enhancing nonprofit mission programs for our community.

Columbia Ability Alliance is focused on creating a more accessible and equitable community by providing exceptional employment services, specialized job and life skills training, career opportunities, a social enrichment center, and a connection to vital community resources for individuals with disabilities and other life barriers. By promoting diversity and inclusion, we aspire to enhance the quality of life for all residents in our region and establish a thriving, universally accessible community for all to enjoy.

Paradise Bottled Water is proud to offer a diverse array of superior services and products for our community, and we believe our connection to Columbia Ability Alliance provides added value to our customers. Choosing Paradise Bottled Water means you are directly supporting a small, locally-owned business, and at the same time, giving back to critical programs that support individuals in need, right here in the Tri-Cities.

To learn more about Columbia Ability Alliance, visit their website.