6 Ways to Use Custom Labeled Water Bottles

If there is one thing that everyone needs, it is water. Whether participating in an event or hosting a company meeting, custom labeled water bottles are an easy and effective way to create healthy business connections. Rather than wasting money on pens or business cards that end up lost in the bottom of someone’s bag, water is always at the forefront of someone’s mind and frequently in their hands. Let’s dive into six ways you can use custom labeled water bottles this year!

6 Ways to Use Custom Labeled Water Bottles

#1: Planning Personal Events

Whether you are hosting a wedding, family reunion, or other personal event, supplying water to guests is essential. Custom labeled water bottles are a fun way to add a cute message or important information about the event in a way that everyone can see, use, and remember.

#2: Stocking a Reception Area

If your business has a reception area, clients are likely to be waiting. Offering bottled water is a classy way to show your customers that you care for their comfort and health while putting your branding right into their hands. Plus, they will walk out with it in hand when they leave—that’s a cheap advertisement right there!

#3: Adding to a Swag Bag

Do you ever give out swag bags? Whether you are attending an event, hosting one, or simply offering goodies as promotional items, custom labeled water bottles can give your contact information to a potential client with ease. Everyone loves to get free gifts!

Just check out this review from our client, Gary:

“Consistently good product and service. Have been a customer for 12 years and enjoy how they can customize labeling on the products to support local causes and organizations.”

#4: Including in a Community Offer

There is no shortage of community events throughout the year, with many occurring outside. By donating or handing out custom label water bottles, you can positively promote your business and potentially gain more clientele. Charity events, in particular, always seek sponsorships, which is a great way to promote your business while helping others.

#5: Using as an Attention Grabber

Suppose your business attends trade shows, recruitment events, or any other significant event where you are competing against other companies and vendors for attention. In that case, custom label water bottles are a great attention grabber. All you need is a “Grab a Water” sign, and people will flock to your booth to get their hands on free water, thus opening the potential for a conversation or sale.

#6: Providing for Company Meetings

When having a meeting of the minds, water is a great way to keep attendees hydrated and focused. Whether you have a lengthy strategy meeting or a short-and-sweet review, custom labeled water bottles add a touch of flair and personalization that can impress clients and business partners.

What Should be Included on Custom-Labeled Water Bottles?

When designing your custom label, make sure that everything is set within your branding – colors, fonts, design, etc.– to be consistent with your business. You want your recipient to recognize your business the instant they see the same design on the water bottle.

What you put on your water will depend on what you are using it for. For example, private events can simply be a cute message. However, if you are using it for business purposes, we recommend taking full advantage of the design. You should include your business name, logo, and contact information—whether that is an email address, phone number, or website.

You may even want to opt for a QR code. Then, all the recipient has to do is scan the QR code with their phone, and they can be led to anything you want, such as a LinkTree, a digital storefront, or a specific concept you are promoting for that particular endeavor.

How Paradise Bottled Water Can Help You!

If you are looking to supply water bottles for your personal or business needs, Paradise Bottled Water has you covered. Our custom labeled water bottles serve as a unique way to display ads, promotions, coupons, or seasonal offers and help market your business with eye-catching visuals.

Not only will we help you with designing your label, but we also offer two convenient bottle sizes, 16.0oz and 10oz, to fit your needs. Plus, you can rest assured that you are hydrating responsibly. Our single-use bottled water products are proudly made from biodegradable plastic and filled with top-grade water. Are you ready to find your online estimate? Simply fill out the form and let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to provide for your water needs.

Welcome to Paradise Bottled Water, Tri-Cities, WA, your local source for refreshment!